PHP-CSL : Code Snippet Library

PHP-CSL is an online application written in PHP which enables authorised users to store and categorise code snippets. It is released as Open Source, and available to download at sourceforge.

PHP-CSL was first developed around 6 years ago. It had several rewrites and feature changes over the course of 3.5 years. At this time, no further development is planned. PHP-CSL was written before PHP5 existed, some configuration tweeks may be required in order run it with PHP5!!

Snippet Manager

snippet manager The original developer of PHP-CSL has recently written a new Snippet Management program. This time it's a desktop application built using Adobe Air (with Flex).

Snippet Manager provides similar functionality to PHP-CSL, but runs 100% locally and is intended as a tool to aid developers (the original intention of php-csl).